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There are a few things you need to prepare before you start using the vape ecig you have purchased. We will introduce the preparations before use, taking into account the precautions for each. To prevent unexpected accidents or malfunctions, start using your vape properly and safely.

Charge the battery

Vape vapes are battery-powered, so you must first charge the battery, which comes in two types: a replaceable battery type and a built-in battery type. The capacity of the battery varies with each type of vape. Basically, the larger the capacity, the longer the vape can be used continuously, but there is also a difference in the time it takes to complete charging.

The built-in battery type can be charged simply by plugging a microUSB cable into the main body, so it can be compactly charged anywhere, such as when connected to a computer. Of course, if a conversion adapter is used, it is possible to charge the battery at a power outlet, but please handle with care regarding voltage, etc.

For battery-replaceable types, a charger dedicated for lithium batteries must be prepared separately. A lithium battery charger is readily available at e-cigarette specialty stores and online stores.

Refill the liquid.

Next, you need to refill the vape with a liquid called liquid, which is converted into vapor by a part called an atomizer, so you need to be very careful with the atomizer part. There are two types of atomizers: one that is filled with liquid from the top and the other from the bottom, so be sure to check the atomizer before you use it.

The top-filling type atomizer does not need to be removed from the body of the atomizer. There is a small hole in the center of the liquid inlet of the atomizer for sucking in water vapor. If liquid gets into this part, it may cause a malfunction or the liquid may go directly into the mouth, so pour in the liquid carefully along the side of the atomizer. Nicotine-containing liquids, such as those available through private imports from overseas, are extremely dangerous because they can cause acute nicotine poisoning just by touching your hands. Even if you do not use nicotine-containing liquids, be careful when pouring liquids.

There are many types of liquids, from fruit-based liquids to cigarette-like liquids to cola-flavored liquids. Prepare and enjoy your favorite one depending on your mood at the time.

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