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Remediation is the process of removing the fungal contaminated building materials from the project site. The remediation effort should be accomplished in a controlled environment. The preparations to the affected areas normally involve the isolation of the space from the remainder of the building in order to prevent the cross-contamination of unaffected areas. All penetrations, doorways, and vents are sealed off prior to the removal of the affected materials. Engineering controls, including air filtration devices, decontamination chambers, and HEPA filter equipped power tools are used to perform the actual demolition and removal. The affected materials are then removed and sealed in bags before being removed from the work area. All exposed surfaces are HEPA vacuumed and cleaned to remove any residual mold spores which may be present. The affected areas are then treated with a biocide solution and the area is allowed to dry thoroughly. The area should then be tested by Hire for Rent' experts in order to determine if there is any additional need for further remediation and/or cleaning. After the work is completed and the area deemed clear, the isolation barriers and engineering controls are removed. The area is then ready for replacement materials to be installed. Once the remediation effort has been completed and the engineering controls and isolation barriers have been removed, the areas are ready for restoration. Restoration is the process in which the remediated area is rebuilt to pre-damage or pre-loss conditions. Restoration efforts include putting up framing, plumbing, sheet rock, texturing, painting, appliance installation, and the installation of fixtures among many other issues. 10-Year Warranty on All Remediation Work Hire for Rent Inc. stands behind the remediation work performed exclusively by our company. We offer a warranty unique to our field of work. We guarantee for 10 years after our required remediation efforts have been completed that no fungal contamination will occur in the work areas. Hire for Rent ensures that proper remediation and preventative measures are taken in the containment areas. We are secure in our remediation protocols and our attention-to-detail attitude allows us to have unwaivered confidence in our work. No other company provides a warranty compared to Hire for Rent's. We enjoy going beyond expectations for our clients and we back that up with an unrivaled guarantee. Hire for Rent

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