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Communication needs when this can be done easily as compared with antiquity. Because, with the internet everything is very quick and easy. One of the applications that will meet the needs of communication is whatsapp. In fact, whatsapp became one of the applications that are most in demand There are many reasons Why Whatsapp 2019 many once download. Here are some reasons why whatsapp lots of users. Whatsapp can be connected directly with the number and contact the phone one of the reasons why whatapp much use because it is connected directly with a contact and phone number. So, users do not need to bother anymore to ask for ID or Pin. So, enough with the save the phone numbers of your friends or family time, then it will appear on the contact whatapp You. SMS replacement is very practical. Whatsapp is a chat application SMS replacement practical. Back again, to the first point this is because users no longer have to bother taking notes or asking for Pin or ID. You simply type the name of the course on contact whatapp. Not the media for stalking. Whatsapp does have the feature of status updates and story. Even so, such features not be an event exist. Different with other chat apps, like Line or BBM does have a sticker to update the status. This is because since its inception, whatsapp has a simple display just to chat. Thus, when there are the latest features, users still focus on the main services provided by whatsapp. The design is simple, easy and efficient will be the internet. Anyone who first Download Whatsapp 2019 will certainly direct could operate. The reason, whatsapp has interface that is easy to understand. It is becoming the advantages possessed by the whatsapp compared to other chat apps. In fact, whatsapp is an application that is very light. This makes it can save data and battery. Because, indeed, not too many pictures as most other applications. No ads and free. Was there ever a discourse that the whatsapp will charge an annual fee for its users. But until now, whatsapp still can be enjoyed for free. Maybe Windows Phone users in the world not too much as Android users. However, not demanding the possibility of Windows Phone users can enjoy the whatsapp application. Download WhatsApp 2019 For Windows Phone can be done easily. You simply open the Microsoft Store is there on Your phone. Then type whatsapp Messenger on the search section. Continue with click intall or pairs. Wait a few moments to download and install, then You can use it.

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