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Kolkata, West Bengal *******
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There are always two variants of a female escort in Mumbai: without sex and with sex. Depending solely and exclusively on the woman, yes, because you have the right to have sex with her or not. But more importantly, you have to feel comfortable about what you want to do!

I can explain this situation in another way: you've heard of establishments that do massages, correct? Well, then, in these establishments, there can be massages with happy endings and others that are not so. Massage can be relaxing or muscular!

In other words, a sexless Mumbai escorts are VIP escorts who are only paid to accompany someone to an event, dinner, or outing.

There are many men, such as football players, politicians, or people in high positions, who do not want to go to certain places alone and, as such, look for women to accompany them.

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