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The Rodfather Fishing Charters Kaikoura
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Welcome to The Rodfather - your premier choice for fishing charters in Kaikoura. Nestled where the mountains meet the sea, Kaikoura boasts a marine environment rich in biodiversity, from the notable sperm whale and dolphins to the Royal Albatross. At The Rodfather, we pride ourselves on offering a range of charters tailored to your needs. Opt for our popular 2-hour trip targeting Blue Cod, Perch, and the renowned Kaikoura Crayfish, or venture deeper with our 8-hour deep-sea charter for Groper and Blue Nose, reaching depths up to 500 meters. With all gear provided and charters adaptable to your preferences, we're committed to delivering a top-tier fishing experience. Contact us at 0800 763 328 or kaikourarodfather@gmail.com to book now.


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